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Valspar Fluropon Architects T-Mobile Arena image

"It was our mission from the start to bring the opposing aspects of Las Vegas, the Strip and the desert, to a nexus point in the exterior design of T-Mobile Arena....Valspar was able to achieve a fantastic grouping of colors for the final application that everybody loved. It's incredibly hard to formulate the subtle color change that we are targeting, and not only are the coatings visually pleasing, but they're also extremely functional and will maintain that richness of color."

- Robert Norvell, Associate Principal Architect | T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

"Partnering with Valspar, we work obsessively with color and visual texture to create solutions that adopt craft methods and color to modern requirements or that introduced new technology while retaining the look, scale, and feel in either contemporary or traditional design - human scale...At HKS Inc, we place tremendous value on the solid and lasting relationships we have with our trusted clients and industry partners.  Having Valspar on our next team will allow us to further leverage relationships, best practices, knowledge, and expertise to deliver award winning architecture."

- Cliff Horsak, Associate Principal and Senior Vice President | AIA

"The finished project looks absolutely great and has held up incredibly well. I haven't noticed any faults or fading in the coating, and it looks just as vibrant as the day the metal panels were installed."

- Alan Kanner, McInturff Architects | Kanner residence